Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Friday 11/17-"Framing Diversity" Brown Bag Lunch Movie

As we discussed last night, the GTRC offered two specific recommendations in furtherance of what it calls "citizen transformation/engagement." The second one reads as follows:

"Individuals, like institutions, can benefit from anti-racism and diversity education programs, and we encourage people to take advantage of pre-designed programs they first evaluate for both breadth and depth. Unless individuals learn based on an alternative analysis of the society we live in and unlearn biases and misinformation at the same time, many diversity programs may become mere 'Bandaids' rather than solutions. The following questions should be asked of any such program: Does it provide an historical perspective on power, privilege, oppression, and economic and social injustice? Do people learn about various manifestations of racism, classism, sexism, and other forms of oppression? Are participants given the opportunity to examine their individual roles?"

As it happens Duke's Office for Institutional Equity is "using the power of film to engage employees in dialogue about issues of diversity and inclusion in the workplace" this semester. While this is not a self-described "anti-racism and diversity education program," it may offer us some insight on what Duke is doing in this general realm.

The GTRC encourages us "first" to evaluate any particular program for its breadth and depth, using particular questions. I like the idea of doing this empirically with a subset of us who are interested and have the time to eat lunch together this Friday.

The movie showing this month is "The House We Live In." The article advertising this event says it "explores how society's institutions shape our understanding of race and the opportunities available to different groups."

Place: 402 Oregon St, Shaner Classroom
Time: this Friday 11/17 at noon
Carpooling: we can meet at the circle at Public Policy to carpool together
Required registration: the article asks that we go to and select "calendar" to register for a workshop

For the full article, go to this month's Working at Duke newsletter page 4:


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