Sunday, September 24, 2006

9/28 reading selections

Below are sections of the GTRC report on which we'd like to focus this thursday night. Conversation need not be limited by the suggestion of these passages, but they will hopefully provide us with direction. I'd like to talk about the history and causal factors that led up to Nov. 3rd, and how thinking critically these factors might help us recognize and act on latent and explict problems today. What proactive roles should concerned citizens take and what are the implications (think about the WVO's role in China Grove)?


-What is a Truth Commission (why one in Greensboro)? p. 9-15
- Begin with "'A Union Man, a black and a mad dog'-Racism and Labor"( p.72))- through p.93
(especially the short section "Redicalized Duke Students in Labor Movments" p. 77-79)
-Klan Resurgence p. 101-104
-Planning and Sequence Nov. 3, 1979 p. 127-145

The text of the Commission Report can be found at

Looking forward to seeing you thursday night.


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